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News and announcements concerning the South African Identity Federation.

Updates to Attributes for SAFIRE

At the SAFIRE Planning meeting, a set of core attributes for SAFIRE were discussed and decided upon. These may see minor updates as the project implementation progresses, but they represent rough consensus as to what’s needed. A list of attributes that SAFIRE supports is available.

June 2015 Steering Committee Meeting

The SAFIRE Steering Committee had a meeting on the 11th June 2015. A quorum was present which allowed the Steering committee to make decisions on the project. The main discussions were based on the ToR for the project as well as feedback to the committee regarding the planning workshop that was held at UCT in April. The highlights for the meeting were the following:

April 2015 Update

The Steering committee for SAFIRE had its first meeting in March. Subsequently a planning meeting was held between the elected chairperson (Sakkie Janse van Rensberg) and the project manager for the SAFIRE project to date (Siju Mammen).

Services for SAFIRE

Services are the core of a Federation and for any federation to become truly useful, it must have a good portfolio of services available to its members. As such the community was invited to suggest services that they would find useful. The following is the list of services were suggested during the FID workshop:

2015 SAFIRE Workshop

SANReN, TENET and ASAUDIT successfully hosted the second Federated Identity Workshop in Pretoria on the 27th February 2015. This workshop was attended by 18 Universities and 7 science and research institutions.

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