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Technical update: IdP proxies

Identity provider proxies allow the hub-and-spoke federation to appear as a full mesh, at least for the purposes of IdP discovery. This means that service providers can make use of local discovery and see a list of individual SAFIRE identity providers rather than seeing a single entry for the whole federation. In turn, this eliminates the “double discovery” problem for service providers that use local discovery to select amongst a number of different federations (e.

WAYF collaboration

The late 2015, the SAFIRE steering committee approved a proposal to collaborate with the Danish federation, WAYF. The intent was to gain insight and experience from the Danes, in the hopes of spring-boarding our own federation into production. As part of this collaboration, the newly appointed Project Director will spend a week at WAYF’s offices in Denmark before travelling to REFEDS 32 and TNC16. During this visit, he will be exposed to all aspects of WAYF’s operations — technical, policy, and governance.

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