Welcome to the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE) — the national academic identity federation for the South African research and higher education community.

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  • Two New Participants (2017-02-28) - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and the University of Cape Town have both recently signed the Participation Agreement and join SAFIRE as full participants. UCT has further completed technical integration as an
  • SAFIRE joins eduGAIN (2017-02-20) - The eduGAIN steering group voted last week to admit the South African Identity Federation, SAFIRE, as its 41st member and the first fully participating member from Africa. In simple terms,
  • Technical Update: Metadata Signing Key Generated (2017-01-30) - On January 30, SAFIRE generated a new metadata signing key which will be used to sign all of the Federation's metadata aggregates. Key generation was done at a ceremony at
  • First Formal Participants (2017-01-24) - SAFIRE has its first few formal signatories to the new Participation Agreement, ushering in the next phase of the South African Identity Federation. Stellenbosch University became the first university (and identity
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