Welcome to the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE) — the national academic identity federation for the South African research and higher education community.

Latest News

  • UCT complies with Sirtfi (2017-06-23) - The University of Cape Town recently became the first SAFIRE identity provider to complete a self-assessment and express its compliance with the REFEDS Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity
  • Wits joins SAFIRE (2017-06-12) - The University of the Witwatersrand has signed the Participation Agreement and joined SAFIRE. They have not yet completed the SAML technical integration, but we hope to welcome them on board
  • Monitoring of Identity Providers (2017-05-25) - As a courtesy, we monitor the reachability of the various South African identity providers and make that information available at The monitoring system initiates a single sign-on request, and
  • Transition plan updated (2017-05-02) - The SAFIRE transition plan has been updated to set an explicit end-of-life for the deprecated full-mesh federation. All existing identity providers within the full-mesh metadata will expire shortly after midnight
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