Welcome to the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE).

We’re currently undertaking a complete website refresh, so parts of this site are likely to be incomplete. The look-and-feel is also set to change, so please bear with us :-).

The old website is still available for the time being.

Latest News

  • Logo & Branding Update (2016-10-17) - A new version of the SAFIRE logo has been produced, and is in the process of being trademarked. Various proposals were circulated amongst a fairly diverse group of people, and
  • Website update, September 2016 (2016-09-14) - We've been talking about a new web site for some time, and had hoped to relaunch a new, complete site with a fresh look and feel once we'd managed to get
  • Metadata refresh during transition (2016-09-14) - SAFIRE is currently transitioning from a full-mesh federation to a hub-and-spoke federation. As we change architectures, we will be asking all participants to re-submit their metadata. The current metadata has

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