Welcome to the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE) — the national academic identity federation for the South African research and higher education community.

Latest News

  • Technical update: IdP proxies (2016-12-05) - Identity provider proxies allow the hub-and-spoke federation to appear as a full mesh, at least for the purposes of IdP discovery. This means that service providers can make use of
  • Meaning of the hub’s name: iziko (2016-12-05) - To emphasise it's South African heritage, SAFIRE's federation hub uses the name iziko within its entity ID and as a publicly visible website address. While it's not expected that many
  • Metadata validation tool (2016-11-06) - To aid providers in preparing new metadata for the transition, we've developed a simple online SAML metadata validation tool. This tool applies very similar rules to SAFIRE's metadata aggregator. The tool
  • Technical update: HSM for metadata signing (2016-11-04) - Metadata is the basis of trust in any federation, and this makes the key management practices for metadata signing particularly important. In response to suggestions from other federation operators, we've decided to

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