Fees for Identity Providers

Currently there is no additional cost for institutions that receive REN Services from TENET to participate in SAFIRE.

In most federations the general principal is that identity providers should contribute towards the costs of running the federation, and SAFIRE’s Participation Agreement was drafted with this in mind at a time when the costs of running the federation were not completely understood. However it is now likely that the fees the Agreement refers to will only be levied on institutions that wish to participate in SAFIRE but do not otherwise contribute towards the NREN.

It is our intention that participation in federation forms part of a larger bundle of service available to the SA NREN’s beneficiary institutions (which is most of the eligible identity providers). This model is still under discussion, and pending approval.

The Participation Agreement requires that we give notice of any changes to the fee structure and allows participants to withdraw from the federation during the notice period without penality. Such a change would be disucssed with the Participant’s Forum and notice would be published here. As such, even if the above were to change, there is little financial risk to participating in SAFIRE.

South African Identity Federation