How to join as a Service Provider

Join SAFIRE as a Participant

To become a service provider, you first need to join SAFIRE as a Participant. You do this by completing the Participation Agreement, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various role players and is the overarching policy framework for the federation.

The Participation Agreement only needs to be completed once per juristic person, so if you’ve previously signed the current version of this agreement, you do not need to do so again.

Register as a Service Provider

Once you’ve been accepted as a┬áParticipant, and provided you are eligible, you may register as a service provider. This generally involves reviewing the requirements for the particular Technology Profile(s) you intend on using, and then completing an appropriate registration request form.

SAFIRE does not charge service providers at this stage, but may levy a joining fee in future.

SAML2 Technology Profile

To be eligible to become a service provider in the SAML2 Technology Profile, you need one or more existing identity providers to confirm that they’re interested in using your service. In some cases the federation may already be aware of such identity providers; in others you may be asked to indicate which identity providers you’re working with.

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