Current Service Providers

Below is a list1 of participants in SAFIRE who currently act as service providers and provide services to others. You can click on a participant to find out more.

African Research CloudSP RnS

Converis - SATNSP

Data Intensive Research Initiative of South AfricaSP RnS

eduroam South Africa NROSP

eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) | South AfricaSP

eduVPN South AfricaSP


Intembeko ORCID HubSP RnS

Inter-university Institute for Data-Intensive AstronomySP RnS

National Integrated Cyberinfrastructure SystemSP RnS Sirtfi

OnTheHubSP Sirtfi


Royal Society of Chemistry Publications OnlineSP


Sabinet DiscoverSP

SADiLaR Language Resource RepositorySP RnS

SAFIRE Test Service ProviderSP Sirtfi

SANReN FileSenderSP

Sectigo Certificate ManagerSP

SheerID Verification ServicesSP

TENET Event ManagerSP RnS

Varsity Vibe - Student DealsSP

ZA·REN Services LoginSP



Note that this isn’t a full list of services that are available to SAFIRE participants — we connect to many useful services via eduGAIN too. We’ve made special provision for some of these to ensure they work properly, and also automatically support those that are categorised as Research & Scholarship.

You might also be interested in a list of library services & information providers known to work with SAFIRE.

If a service you’d like to use is not listed here, let them know you’d like to be able to use your home account to be able to log into their service.

  1. This list is automatically generated from SAML metadata was last refreshed at ↩︎

South African Identity Federation