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News and announcements concerning the South African Identity Federation.

Support for REFEDS MFA

On the evening of Tuesday 11 January, we will deploy a number of changes to the SAFIRE Federation hub to allow for the bi-directional signalling of REFEDS MFA. No downtime is expected, and we do not anticipate any impact on any service- or identity-provider that does not currently support such signalling.

Announcing the safire-libs@lists mailing list

For some time, a key use case for SAFIRE has been integration with various library services such as publishers and data providers. Despite their importance to the federation, thus far we’ve not had a communication channel aimed explicitly at systems librarians and library staff making these integrations work. That’s about to change

Impact of the commencement of POPIA

Yesterday President Cyril Ramaphosa proclaimed the commencement of the bulk of the remainder of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) from 1 July 2020. This sets in motion a number of things, including a requirement for compliance within one year of commencement. POPIA has profound implications for the way South Africans handle personal information, and particularly for services like identity federation.

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