Logo & Branding Update

A new version of the SAFIRE logo has been produced, and is in the process of being trademarked. Various proposals were circulated amongst a fairly diverse group of people, and they were asked to vote. The final version is the one that both had the broadest appeal and was most accessible.

Any use of the old “Federating Research & Education Systems” logo will need to be updated/replaced. New versions will be available in the logos & branding section once we’re reasonably sure the IP concerns have been sufficiently addressed.

Likewise we’re deprecating use of the backronym “South African Federated Identities for Research and Education”. Whilst it’s a nice fit for the SAFIRE name, people have generally found it difficult to understand and use — it does not roll off the tongue. So instead we’ve adopted the simpler form “South African Identity Federation” in common usage. You’ll see that usage throughout this page and in documentation.

South African Identity Federation