Website update, Sept 2016

We’ve been talking about a new web site for some time, and had hoped to¬†relaunch a new, complete site with a fresh look and feel once we’d managed to get the design work completed. What you’re seeing isn’t that site; it’s an interim update, with some new content.

Unfortunately the whole exercise was immeasurably complicated by needing to redevelop the SAFIRE logo branding to address some intellectual property concerns. That process has taken many months to sort out, and has stalled all sorts of things that depend on a brand and logo. The good news is that we seem to be nearing the end of it, even though it has not yet been completed (meaning we can’t show it to you).

However, the way events have played out, it’s become important that we get something new on the website, even if that something is incomplete. So here we have it — a new website as a work-in-progress.

Hopefully by this stage we’ve thought the site structure through well enough that URLs should not change too much. Whilst no promises are made, it should be safe enough to link to stuff here.

The old website will remain available at for a few months until we decommission that server.

South African Identity Federation