Current Identity Providers

Below is a list1 of participants in SAFIRE who currently act as identity providers and authenticate for their users. You can click on a participant to find out more.


Nelson Mandela University (NMMU)IdP

North-West UniversityIdP

Rhodes UniversityIdP

SANReN Competency AreaIdP

Stellenbosch UniversityIdP

TENET South AfricaIdP

University of Cape TownIdP

University of KwaZulu-NatalIdP

University of the Western CapeIdP

Cape Peninsula University of TechnologyPending IdP

University of PretoriaIdP

University of the WitwatersrandPending IdP

If your home organisation does not participate in SAFIRE, please let your IT staff know that you’d like them to.

  1. This list is automatically generated from SAML metadata and was last refreshed at . [return]

South African Identity Federation