Participation Agreement

This page documents the history of SAFIRE’s Participation Agreement and will display the most recent version. You should always reference this page when linking to the Participation Agreement, unless you intend to link to a specific, versioned document.

Version History

Participation Agreement v20161018

This version of the Participation Agreement reached rough consensus within the community and was subsequently approved by TENET’s Board at their 26 October 2016 meeting. As a revision of v20160916,┬áit contains minor typographical edits and the insertion of one new clause at 6.5.

There are some notes on interpretation available to help decision makers.

Please sign and scan (or electronically sign) a copy of the Participation Agreement and email it to us. TENET is happy to accept scanned documents and/or electronic signatures, and will normally return an electronically signed copy to you.

Should your processes require original handwritten signatures, please post or courier two copies of the signed agreement to TENET’s offices (one will ultimately be returned to you by post countersigned by TENET). In addition, to counteract postal delays, please send a scanned copy as above.

South African Identity Federation