SAFIRE Steering Committee Disestablished

Following the recommendation of the Participant’s Forum, TENET’s Board of Directors has disestablished SAFIRE’s Steering Committee in favour of the structures already provided for in TENET’s normal contracting.

While this is a significant change in SAFIRE’s de jure governance, it is something that’s long overdue and simply reflects how de facto practice has overtaken the formal structures. By harmonising SAFIRE’s governance with other services TENET operates, and by bringing it under the auspices of the existing REN Master Service Agreement, we considerably simplify and streamline the Federation’s processess.

As previously noted the change has no material effect on the majority of SAFIRE’s existing Members, since all but one are aleady signatories of the REN Master Service Agreement. Since 9 December 2020, SAFIRE’s Participation Agreement has been subordinate to the REN Master Service Agreement for these Members.

Some work is still required to provide an adequate replacement for the former SAFIRE Participants’ Forum. However, the majority of its business has always been conducted on the safire-discuss mailing list, which will remain as-is for the interm.

South African Identity Federation