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News and announcements concerning the South African Identity Federation.

SAFIRE Website Update

SAFIRE’s website was originally created using Wordpress, something that was inherited when custodianship of the federation passed to TENET. For various reasons we have decided to abandon Wordpress in favour of a modern static site generator, and have chosen to adopt Hugo. One substantial benefit of this approach is increased transparency, particularly around changes to policies. The Hugo source is stored in a public GitHub repository, thus allowing Participants to peruse the commit history of any document.


North West University (NWU) has signed the Participation Agreement and joined SAFIRE as a full participant. NWU completed technical integration some time ago, and so are able to immediately take advantage of the services provided by their federation. Their first login happened within ten minutes of updated metadata being published.

Support for eduPersonEntitlement added

In our ongoing work to integrate library journal and platform providers, it has become apparent that we need to support the eduPersonEntitlement attribute. Support for this attribute has therefore been added to the Federation hub, as well as the test identity and service providers. To ease transition and to lower barriers to entry, the Federation hub may automatically generate a value for eduPersonEntitlement from eduPersonAffilation if none is supplied by the identity provider.

End of SAFIRE transition period

At 00:00 SAST on 1 August 2017, the remaining entities in the old metadata aggregate at will expire. Any provider who still has mention of the above URL in their configuration should remove it, as it will not be supported beyond the end of the month.

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