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Practice Note: Participation Agreement

Federation is a complex space, and South Africa is grappling with the implication of new privacy legislation. Whilst we’ve tried to make SAFIRE’s Participation Agreement easy for the likely signatory — a federation layman — to understand, experience has shown that there are sometimes misunderstandings of the technology and gaps in interpretation. This document is intended to consolidate that experience into a practice note for legal departments and other people trying to make sense of the SAFIRE Participation Agreement.

Participation Agreement v20161018

Changes to the Participation Agreement are approved by TENET’s Board of Directors. This version reached rough consensus within the community and was subsequently ratified on 26 October 2016. As a revision of v20160916, it contains minor typographical edits and the insertion of one new clause at 6.5. There are some notes on interpretation available to help decision makers. Download Open at Google Please sign and scan (or electronically sign) a copy of the Participation Agreement and email it to us.

Participation Agreement v20160916 (Draft)

The following PDF document contains a final draft of SAFIRE’s Participation Agreement. This agreement has achieved rough consensus within SAFIRE’s membership, and is currently awaiting legal review. There are not likely to be any substantive changes to this document, but the review process may result in a further revision. This version of the document was submitted to eduGAIN on 18 September 2016. Download Open at Google

Participation Agreement

This page documents the history of SAFIRE’s Participation Agreement and will display the most recent version. You should always reference this page when linking to the Participation Agreement, unless you intend to link to a specific, versioned document. Changes to the Participation Agreement are approved by TENET’s Board of Directors on recommendation from the SAFIRE Steering Committee.

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