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Integrating library information providers via SAFIRE

There is considerable interest in leveraging SAFIRE and eduGAIN to integrate with the various library information providers, such as academic content, journal, and database publishers. Information providers variously term this “Shibboleth”, “SAML” or “Institutional” logins, and in most cases are already integrated with other federations around the world. The following documents the integration status of various providers in SAFIRE. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Status No SA institutions listed by default Login link terminology Sign in via your Institution Documentation http://libraries.

Announcing the safire-libs@lists mailing list

For some time, a key use case for SAFIRE has been integration with various library services such as publishers and data providers. Despite their importance to the federation, thus far we’ve not had a communication channel aimed explicitly at systems librarians and library staff making these integrations work. That’s about to change

Support for eduPersonEntitlement added

In our ongoing work to integrate library journal and platform providers, it has become apparent that we need to support the eduPersonEntitlement attribute. Support for this attribute has therefore been added to the Federation hub, as well as the test identity and service providers. To ease transition and to lower barriers to entry, the Federation hub may automatically generate a value for eduPersonEntitlement from eduPersonAffilation if none is supplied by the identity provider.

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