SAFIRE Steering Committee Elections

The time has come for the SAFIRE Participants Forum to re-elect Member Representatives seats for the Steering Committee 2018/2019. We are planning to hold this election during the SLA Reference Group meeting, to be held at Koponong Hotel on 15 August and all members of the Participants Forum would be welcome to attend the session (scheduled for 13:30).

The term of reference for this election require that we call for nominations beforehand, and that no nominations be accepted from the floor.

Two of the existing Member Representatives have indicated that they would be willing to be re-nominated: Ashley Latchu (HSRC), Jeremy Main (SKA). In addition, Joe Smit (SUN) was co-opted when the third Member Representative became ineligible and has indicated that he would be willing to stand. I will happily accept nominations for these three, or any other person Participants feel may be a suitable representative.

Nominations can be sent via email before 12 August 2018.

Further details of the election will be circulated to the SAFIRE Participants Forum via the safire-discuss mailing list.

South African Identity Federation