Attribute: eduPersonScopedAffiliation

Subject’s role at their home organisation — see eduPersonAffiliation.

Attribute Definition

Friendly Name eduPersonScopedAffiliation
OID urn:oid:

Subject’s role at their home organisation — see eduPersonAffiliation.


Multi-valued, scoped, controlled vocabulary per eduPersonAffiliation. The intention of eduPersonScopedAffiliation is to allow more granular affiliation information to be provided — eduPersonAffiliation describes the principal’s relationship to an entire institution; eduPersonScopedAffiliation can describe a relationship to a particular faculty, school, or division.

The scope portion must match one of the <shibmd:Scope> elements in the identity provider’s metadata. Multiple <shibmd:Scope> elements may be required if sub-institutional scopes are used.

Additional Notes

eduPersonScopedAffiliation is fairly widely shared and not generally considered personally identifying information. For this reason care must be taken to ensure that the affiliation information asserted via this attribute is not too granular: faculty level information is appropriate but departmental level has the potential to inadvertently leak personal information.

When using sub-instititional scopes (e.g. faculty), care must be taken to also include appropriate institutional scopes as well. For example, a member of a specific faculty is typically also a member of the institution itself. However, a member of a research unit might only be an affiliate of the institution that houses it. Leaving out institutional scopes entirely suggests no relationship with the parent institution.

SAFIRE discontinued the automatic generation of eduPersonScopedAffiliation from eduPersonAffiliation from 1 November 2021.

South African Identity Federation