UCT complies with Sirtfi

The University of Cape Town recently became the first SAFIRE identity provider to complete a self-assessment and express its compliance with the REFEDS Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity (Sirtfi). This makes SAFIRE the 16th federation worldwide to assert a Sirtfi-compliant IdP.

Sirtfi aims to improve coordination of incident response among federated organisations. By expressing compliance with the framework, organisations can increase their level of trust within the federated community. This is becoming increasingly important for collaborative research where high levels of trust are required. For more information on the framework and how to comply, see the Sirtfi FAQ.

As SAFIRE is a hub-and-spoke federation, some federation components (i.e. the IdP proxies) may be within the scope of an individual participant’s expression of compliance. For this reason, SAFIRE has produced its own expression of compliance covering these components.

South African Identity Federation