Technical Planning Meeting Update

On the 21st July 2015, the SAFIRE lead institutions came together to determine the future technical implementation for SAFIRE.

The following are the key highlights of the meeting:

  • The architecture of SAFIRE will need to change from its current mesh topology to a hub-and-spoke topology. The goal is to implement this hub-and-spoke topology by the end of September 2015.

    • TENET will provide the infrastructure to host the new implementation

    • Institutions wanting to join SAFIRE in a mesh architecture will be given an option to do so and the technical team will need to figure out a means to make this possible.

    • A dedicated technical resource is required to work on SAFIRE. This individual will be funded by the lead institutions. The steering committee chairperson will have a discussion with TENET to begin the process of hiring such a resource.

    • A follow on workshop to discuss the governance requirements for SAFIRE will need to take place.

    • A Steering Committee Meeting will need to be organised to communicate the outcomes of this meeting.

More updates to follow in the upcoming days and weeks.

South African Identity Federation