SAFIRE/RCCPii Identity Management & Federation Workshop

Under the auspices of the RCCPii capacity development project, we recently concluded a successfull workshop on identity management & federation.

The workshop was run in Johannesburg over three days from 5-8 March 2019, and was attended by 27 staff from 23 different institutions. It looked at providing a solid understanding of digital identity and the identity management lifecycle in a vendor-neutral way. This served as an introduction for those who may be unfamiliar with IdM whilst simultaneously solidifying the theoretical concepts for staff already working in this space. Building on this knowledge, the workshop went on to introduce the concepts of federated identity generically, explore why federation is important to research and education, and look at eduroam and SAFIRE as a specific examples that are relevant in South Africa.

We were fortunate to have the assistance of a collegue from the RENU Idenitity Federation (RIF) in Uganda as a co-facilitator.

The RCCPii event page for this event is available at The archived presentations and other materials are also available.

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