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Security Contacts

The following details contact information for emergency security incident response involving the South African Identity Federation or one of its participants. Separate contact details are available for participants looking for support and for general use.

Federation operations staff

During South African working hours (typically Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM UTC+2), you can reach federation operations staff using the following contact details:


All federation operations staff understand and will honour the traffic light protocol, and follow the Sirtfi norms. In addition, these staff routinely make use of S/MIME for email communication and can communicate using PGP if required.


The South African NREN operates a sector CSIRT consisting of two parts: a proactive and a reactive component. RFC 2350 information is available. Note, however, that not all recipients of email to this address will honour the traffic light protocol. In addition, use of cryptography may be variable.

After hours

During reasonable waking hours, email sent to the federation operations staff will likely be read within a few hours.

Outside these times or when an incident is urgent or time critical, TENET operates a 24×7×365 first-level service support centre, reachable at:


The SSC does not routinely handle security incidents and may not honour the traffic light protocol. However they have an on-call list available and can reach an appropriate security contact in an emergency.

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